Beyond the Owie

Hello World!

We are a family with three active kids living in Florida, USA. 

As a family of entrepreneurs we are always working on new ideas.Owie was born, like many other businesses, because of our own needs. We love exploring the outdoors, having adventures, and enjoying spending time together. 

We had a first aid kit for all those everyday mini accidents where falls, cuts and scrapes surprise us. The problem was finding the first aid kit at the bottom of the backpack or bag.The solution was to create a First Aid kit and have it hang on to the backpack, accessible whenever we needed it. 

That was how Owie was born, much more than a first aid kit. Owie is our adventure teammate, it carries all the essentials that we need and a lot more, we take with us a friend that always comes to the rescue to heal and make them smile once again : )


The essence of OWIE

  • Cute, cute, cute (there must be more than red!).
  • Accessible, small and portable. 
  • Nicely organized (no chaotic mess when opened). 
  • With all the important items (not just 50 band-aids). 
  • Of good quality (packed with American brands).
  • Created to bring back smiles.
We've got you covered for all of your exiting upcoming excursions, whether
you are taking on the mountains, the water or just another day of farless exploration.