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First Aid Kit for Brave Kids

Owie is for families that know a bump, fall or scrape makes us stronger, those who, despite fear, take risks knowing that we all learn from experiences.


Be Prepared for the Adventure Ahead

small first aid kit - Owie - first aid kit for kids

Simply Amazing:


Let your kids discover the world by themselves

Owie! will be there, within your reach whenever you need it.

What our Customers are saying

This product is SO cute and SO functional. Plus it fits very nicely inside a purse or pouch. It has all the essentials needed for First Aid on the go! Packaged nicely-so nothing was damaged or broken.

Brenda Tharson

This is very cute for a child. There is extra room to add a few extra items. It gives the kid something to play with while you tend to the boo boo.

Tara Woods

I could not be happier with this purchase! it solves all my problems for when I'm out with my girls.. they love the cute little owie.. I take it everywhere, and it has everything you need.. a complete first aid kit! own Owie!

Monica Miller

We packed Owie! with the most well known american brands