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Owie is a first aid kit for risks-takers

Owie is for families that know a bump, fall or scrape, make us stronger, those who, despite fear, take risks knowing that we all learn from experiences.


Top Owie! First Aid Kit Features:

Our kit comes to the rescue!

Child safety is the #1 priority for any responsible parent, which is why a portable first aid kit is a must-have.

What our Customers are saying

This product is SO cute and SO functional. Plus it fits very nicely inside a purse or pouch. It has all the essentials needed for First Aid on the go! Packaged nicely-so nothing was damaged or broken.

This is very cute for a child. There is extra room to add a few extra items. It gives the kid something to play with while you tend to the boo boo.

I could not be happier with this purchase! it solves all my problems for when I'm out with my girls.. they love the cute little owie.. I take it everywhere, and it has everything you need.. a complete first aid kit! own Owie!

We packed the owie! with most well known american brands